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ūüá¨ūüáß Things 2019 has taught us about tourism and conservation in the Amazon

Uakari Lodge many reasons to celebrate 2019 ‚Äď but the climate crisis shows we have to do more

It has been an intense year at Uakari Lodge. For us, who have been dealing with tourism as a conservation strategy for 21 years, the Amazon fires in August / September has put us in the centre of attention as an example of sustainable development in the region. Important media decided coming to the area and we became the focus to great articles such as in Deutsche Welle, The Telegraph, France 24, Globo and UOL ‚Äď to mention those already published.

It was clear for us at Uakari Lodge that the profile of visitors have been changing in a very positive way ‚Äď travellers are more conscious and have been visiting us for the unique approach we have to communities and biodiversity in the Amazon. If before travellers have visited us mainly for spotting wildlife (they still see a lot of animals though!), now they come more and more because visiting Uakari Lodge is helping to protect the Amazon environment and communities.

We have learned that the issue of conservation is urgent ‚Äď but it has been for a long time. When Uakari Lodge started operating in the late 1990‚Äôs we believed tourism could be different in the Amazon and that it could be a great alternative of income and strategy for conservation. Combined with the traditional economic activities of local Mamirau√° Reserve communities, they have become the true guardians of the forest and that was made possible with the fundamental help of tourism and Uakari Lodge.

We are closer to a climate crisis and the way we travel will either help or make things worse. All our travel decisions will cause either positive or negative impacts from the moment you leave home to getting back with souvenirs. In the case of sensitive areas such as the Amazon, the traveller has many options and, again, we are proud to be a great option for positive change ‚Äď for 21 consecutive years!

As 2020 approaches, We feel the responsibility of bringing even more change to the region ‚Äď we know we can do more. So the new year comes with a full renovation of our infrastructure and the final years before Mamirau√° Institute transfers the full onwership and management of the lodge to local community associations. This is how we want to maximise positive impacts in Mamirau√° Reserve and keep our unique strategy to be a reference for responsible tourism in the Amazon.

We wish you a great new year and hope we can see you around here soon!


(Credits: Gui Gomes)


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