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ūüá¨ūüáß The new Uakari Lodge YouTube Channel!

The original video productions bring the peaceful atmosphere our guests feel at Mamirau√° Reserve.

It has been a while since we decided it was about time to have our own YouTube Channel ‚Äď of course most of our visitors want to learn more and feel a bit of the experience at Mamirau√° Reserve before coming to Uakari Lodge (or former guests could remember the good times in trails, canoes, communities or with the partner researchers form Mamirau√° Institute).

So, what should we show from Uakari Lodge and Mamirau√° Reserve?

One of the key features at our destination is the fact the water levels vary so much along the year ‚Äď as much as 12 meters ‚Äď so everyday is a new day at Mamirau√° Reserve. So feature #1 we wanted to show was how different we get day-by-day, and how it affects the visitor experience.

A second feature we wanted to bring on our YouTube channel was how remote we are, and how that makes the experience unique in the Brazilian Amazon. So we made sure any sound would only reproduce what we have in nature ‚Äď the jungle, the waters and its people.

And one last image we wanted to show was how the relation between the local communities and the visitor affects the experience. Being mostly hosted and guided by the Mamirau√° Reserve people always makes the ecotourism experience transform along the journey ‚Äď from fauna, flora and lots of water to history, culture and gastronomy.

We have commissioned one of the most renowned photographers in Brazil, Gui Gomes, to direct the videos ‚Äď and all the pictures that resulted from it.¬† With a long experience in bringing the sensation of people in places and having lots of front pictures in dozens of magazines, Gui Gomes made sure both the future and past visitors will feel a bit of what it is like to be in Mamirau√°.


Visit and subscribe to our Youtube Channel and be connected to us ‚Äď more and more videos coming soon ūüôā


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