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ūüá¨ūüáß It is our anniversary! And we celebrate with some of our oldest photographs ūüďł

Uakari Lodge is celebrating 21 years of operation

October is when we celebrate our anniversary. It has been 21 years since we hosted our first guest. It structure of the lodge has changed a lot ‚Äď at first we operated at an existing Mamirau√° Institute research basis at the reserve and travellers would get along all the time with some of the scientists. That first structure have received many guests ‚Äď it was only one room. Since the very beginning we have received guests from across the planet, and they were testimonies of the pioneer sustainable (at its fullest!) ecolodge in the Brazilian Amazon. Among those first guests who came to learn about the conservation innovation strategies we had, for example, Microsoft‚Äôs Bill Gates.

Since 1998 income has improved over 100% for local families. 11 communities are direct benefitted by the activities and only in the past 10 years over R$2.8 million were generated by the visit of our guests. And wildlife has been monitored to make sure there is zero impact on animal behaviour ‚Äď unique research of its kind made in the country.

To celebrate such achievements we would like to share some rare images ‚Äď from the construction of the lodge, to qualification of local communities for the new tourism positions (until that time ‚Äėtourism‚Äô was a word most of them had not really and idea what it meant) and the structural changes at Uakari.

Soon this structure will be again renovated ‚Äď and guests will feel like in a new lodge¬†ūüŹ®


Hope you enjoy these curious pictures!

one of the few images that document the construction of bungalows.

Such floating structure was an innovation for the Amazon tourism.

Bungalows used to be white!

The very first structure of the lodge.

Qualification on food and beverage services.

Health and safety training.

After the first years of operation, the structure was renovated to adequate to the challenges of being a floating lodge with hard impacts of daily rain and heat.

Uakari Floating Lodge as you see it today.


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