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ūüá¨ūüáß The Amazon is made of people

Photographer Sherolin Santos has recently visited us and her pictures remind us all that, ahead of all the recent Amazon fires, locals are the ones who dedicate their lives to protect their home: the forest

The planet is all concerned to the current fires in the Amazon. The environment and the urgent sustainable development for the sake of present and future generations has connected us all to the same cause: the conservation of the forest.

A lot has been said about the loss of biodiversity, how the air has been affected not only in the region but also further like in S√£o Paulo ‚Äď where the ashes have reached travelling hundreds of kilometres and has transformed the day into night at 3 PM.

We have been missing the most important affected people in  the scenario: the local communities, who are the ones who are mostly affected and at the same time those who most do for the conservation of the Amazon biodiversity.


Recently the photographer Sherolin Santos ( has visited us and her pictures were focused on the local people ‚Äď those who work at Uakari Lodge and their families.

Her pictures ‚Äď spread along this post ‚Äď capture her passion: the expression of people‚Äôs faces, how light hits their face and how they react to it. ‚ÄėI love everything that has life. Photography helps me frame what I see, the colours and life behind them‚Äė, she says.

To Sherolin, the Amazon is the purest place she has been. It is where life pulses stronger and that is the reasons she keeps visiting the region.

She says the strongest experience in the Amazon was in Mamirau√° Reserve. ‚ÄėThere is great synergy among the team and the lodge itself‚Äė, says Sherolin. ‚ÄėI felt people are happy. No one leaves intact from Mamirau√°‚Äô.¬†

Sherolin Santos (first row, second left to right), other visitors and the Uakari Lodge team of guides.

* Uakari Lodge thanks Sherolin Santos for the images and the testimonial.


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