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Let the Amazon flood your living room: Sounds of Mamirauá

Uakari Lodge has a present for you and your family during these challenging times of social isolation.

Uakari Lodge | Mamirauá Reserve | Amazon Brazil

Do you want to be somewhere else? Would you like to imagine you are in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest ?

Travelling is not an option at the moment – Uakari Lodge is closed and will only host you again when all this is over and you are safe to visit us again.


We now want to bring Mamirauá Reserve to you. We have been working hard these days to make you feel in the rainforest right from your home. Just play and let the Amazon flood your home while you read a book, cook and do the dishes, play with kids or take a nap 🙂 


Close your eyes and travel to Mamirauá. Hike along one of our 14 trails. Sit on a traditional wooden canoe with our knowledgeable guide and navigate the Amazon waters. Listen to the animal orchestra of birds, insects and mammals, all around you. The rain falls. You return to the cosy Uakari Floating Lodge to lie in your hammock and listen some more wildlife.

The #soundsofmamirauá bring the rainforest to you… wherever you are.

Later this week we will share with you the “making of” Sounds of Mamirauá – a story that starts (believe it or not!) in Amsterdam. 


We would like to thank Ariane Janer, Gui Gomes and Gabriel Edé for the support on this project. 


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