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ūüá¨ūüáß 8 facts about COVID-19 and travel in 2020¬†

Uakari Lodge is here to bring you the facts around the new coronavirus ‚Äď and with that, show you there is no reason to cancel your travel plans yet.

Uakari Lodge | Mamirau√° Reserve | Amazon Brazil

COVID-19 is bringing unprecedented challenges for the travel and tourism industry ‚Äď it should not be different. It is natural that travellers will take all necessary care to prevent their risks from the illness and also for their family, friends and professional colleagues.

We are all still learning how to deal with COVID-19 and very few has been concluded ‚Äď information is changing everyday. So it is time to act reasonably and stick to major facts before taking any moves ‚Äď and that includes travel plans.

We here bring you 8 reasons, based on immutable conclusions around the new coronavirus, to show you it is time be careful, but also to not take any decisions based on the pandemia.

  1. WE KNOW WHAT IT IS: there is a diference between this and other illnesses that take months or even years in detecting the reasons of the health issue. In this case we know it is a new coronavirus, from group 2B, which has been named as COVID-19. That means a lot: different from other virus, the mutation frequency of COVID-19 is very low, which conducts to faster studies on the cure.

  2. WE KNOW HOW TO DETECT IT: Since January 13th it has been made available, to the entire world, the methodology for the detection of COVID-19. In the past month the proof exams have been improved and the assessment demonstrates that exams are approved in the most sensible and specific parameters.

  3. THE SITUATION IN CHINA IS IMPROVING: The prevention, control and mitigation policies imposed in China is now showing positive results. The number of confirmed cases is decreasing everyday in the area with the major number of registered pacients.

  4. 80% OF THE CASES ARE CONSIDERED ‚ÄėLIGHT‚Äô: The illness bring very light symptoms in a large majority of cases. In 14% of cases it may conduct to pneumonia; 5% of which may be considered ‚Äėcritical‚Äô and in a much lower rate it may be considered mortal.

  5. MOST OF CASES GET CURED: The only data you see on media is around the increase of confirmed cases and the number of deaths. But the majority of people with COVID-19 get naturally cured. There are 13 times more people getting cured than the number of deaths, and this proportion has been increasing.

  6. IT (NEARLY) DOES NOT AFFECT CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS: Only in 3% of the cases happen in people under 20 years old, and the mortality among them are in around 0.2%. In children the symptoms are so light that it may be not be noticed.

  7. THE VIRUS GETS INACTIVE VERY EASILY: It may be neutralised in surfaces in 1 minute with alcohol, sanitary gel or hydrogen peroxide. Washing hands with regular soap frequently is the most efficient way to avoid contamination.

  8. THERE ARE OVER 150 PUBLISHED SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES AND MORE THAN 80 ON COURSE: Those studies bring information on medication employed on other contaminations like HIV, ebola or malaria that are being tested and science knows are safe. This makes a final medication come faster and be made available to public. A little over a month after the first detected case, studies comparing COVID-19 and other virus are concluded and enough to conduct the current studies on a cure.


Information: Asociación Ciclo Positivo, Argentina 

Credits: Gui Gomes 


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