šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ 72% of global tourists believe it is urgent to travel more sustainably

A recent study developed by Booking.com shows travellers are more aware of their impacts in destinations and should take sustainability as a key factor when going on holidays

Uakari Lodge MamirauĆ” Reserve Amazon Brazil

Staff at Uakari Floating Lodge. Nearly all the team at the lodge is formed by locals from MamirauĆ” Reserve.

If travelling more sustainably is important for you, do not feel alone: a recent study by Booking.com reveals the aspects of sustainable development in the travel and tourism industry.

That is not all: 68% of respondents (a total of 18,000 people spread in 17 countries of all continents, including Brazil) say they would be a happier traveller if their money stays at the host communities they visit.

What do we have to do with all that?

Uakari Lodge is glad to have the sustainable development at its core since its fist concept, when researchers at MamirauĆ” Institute agreed tourism could be an efficient strategy for the conservation of biodiversity and an economic alternative for local communities at MamirauĆ” Reserve.

After 20 years of operation, those same researchers ā€“ who created an extensive methodology for impact monitoring ā€“ concluded Uakari Lodge has been a fundamental key strategy for the local sustainable development. Besides conserving biodiversity and bringing minimal environment impact, the floating hotel has created nearly R$3M (around US$750K) in direct economic benefits for 80 families based at the MamirauĆ” Reserve.

Uakari Lodge MamirauĆ” Reserve Amazon Brazil

Visitors at MamirauĆ” Lake.

Now what do YOU have to do with that?

Visiting Uakari Lodge means enjoying your journey through the most remote areas of the Amazon, but meeting the local sustainability and minimal environmental impact every traveller brings to a destination.

And the best part is that your effort for that isā€¦ zero? You travel, have fun, make your dream trip and leaves the most positive impact locally ā€“ and all you have to do is visit us šŸ™‚

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