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ūüá¨ūüáß 5 items you need to bring to your Amazon experience

Travelling in the Amazon demands some extra stuff. ūüėČ

You will need to bring some more than your camera!

Believe me: as much as you are an experienced traveler, the Amazon will be an enigma when it comes to packing ‚Äď of course, if that is your first visit to this region. In a single day we have a lot of sun, a storm (or two, or three‚Ķ), and at night temperatures can drop to levels that will leave you amazed! In addition, it is a region that is often remote, isolated, and that will present you to many different situations ‚Äď and insects :-P.

We already know that a camera (or your phone, of course), sunscreen, hat (or any other item to protect your head) and a good updated travel guide are already in the suitcase of every traveler. Here‚Äôs a list of those items that may be out of your luggage ‚Äď this is our list of 5 items you can not miss when traveling to the largest preserved biome on Earth!

1. Mood

The weather in the Amazon Forest will certainly be very different from where you live. As we said above, too much heat, too much rain and sometimes even cold will leave you exposed to situations that are key to an unforgettable experience! But we have to be very careful about our health and respect the times at the region ‚Äď resting in the hottest hours of the day, being always hydrated and having good nights sleep will be important so that every immersion in the forests, rivers and local communities is fantastic!

2. Long (and lightweight) shirts and pants

Along with the repellent (one more item!) these will be your main allies to protect yourself from insects. Believe it: it will not be as cruel as a lot of people might say ‚Äď a visit to the reviews of the experiences at Uakari Lodge on TripAdvisor will show you that these little creatures are hardly remembered. Shirts and long pants will give comfort to your trails in the forest, but be sure to bring items of lightweight fabric and easy breathing.

3. Binoculars

The trees in the Amazon are huge! And it is in them that live much of the fauna that you want to spot. Sighting is commonplace for locals (you’ll be shocked at how easily our guides can observe birds, monkeys, sloths and other animals!) But binoculars will make a difference in your experience there.

4. Waterproof Boots

When you go out to do your day‚Äôs trails, the sun can be strong and the sky blue. But we are 100% sure it will rain in this rainforest every day! So, having a waterproof boot will make your trip easier for days. But in case you forget this item, do not worry: Uakari Lodge has rubber boots of all sizes to lend to visitors ūüėČ

5. Money in local currency of small values

You will pass through very remote places. This does not mean that farmers and craftsmen are not prepared to welcome you with a production that will leave you eager to take souvenirs home. Because they are in isolated places, these communities will not have the day-to-day facilities like ATMs or exchange offices (and we only miss them when we do not have them around!). Similarly, getting change for high-value bills can be a problem. So be sure to have local currency bills and in small values, easy for changes and pay for your hosts.


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