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🇬🇧 12 images that show Mamirauá Reserve is the photographers’ must-go destination in the Ama

We selected 12 photographers that show it is worth bringing your camera to Uakari Lodge and Mamirauá Reserve

Landscapes, wildlife, ecotourism and the amazing life at the communities of a a floodplain forest: the Photography Journeys, one of the special programs at Uakari Lodge is fast becoming one of the most successful experiences in Mamirauá Reserve.

Here you can easily meet rare animals in exuberant landscapes, followed by the great guides of the forest who are used to the area like no one else is. Put your camera into test and go back home with personal discoveries, beautiful pictures of endemic species of animals, documents of the riverside life and, beyond all that, with the certainty that your visit contributed to the efforts for the conservation of one of the greatest forest on Earth.

One of the main features of the Photography Journeys is the exclusivity: the visitor will have a private boat and an individual guide trained to assist photographers, to go on tours anytime, anywhere in the ecotourism zone of Mamirauá Reserve. With a list of suggestions of activities – to be visited in the appropriate times for best lights – the photographer will make its own program according to his/her expectations.


The 12 professional and amateur photographers bellow have shared their experience with us and Mamirauá Institute. Enjoy the beauty of Mamirauá Reserve through their eyes and get inspired to come visit us and take your own pictures:

André Dib

Antonio Rodrigues

Ricardo Oliveira

Gui Gomes

Marcelo Santana

Marcelo Castro

Adam Preiss

Júlia de Freitas

Sherolin Santos

Miguel Monteiro

Pedro Nassar

Douglas Allchin


Learn more about our Photography Journeys here.

We would like to thank all photographers for the images at this post. Thank you!

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