The Jaguar Expedition

Take part in a scientific expedition with the jaguars of the Amazon


A small and privileged group of tourists will have the chance to join the Jaguar Expedition. Each trip will take just four visitors, who will closely monitor the work of the researchers of the Mamirauá Institute. The goal is to find a jaguar, the third largest feline in the world.

Four Nights


Bilingual jaguar researchers lead the expedition

Private boat for day trips

Complete board – including Special snacks on all outings + one bottle of wine per night

Research Funding

The finances from expeditions are used to fund scientific research in which jaguars are monitored by means of GPS collars. The monitoring of geographical location gives researchers information on the movement of jaguars in the forest and helps them better understand the behavior of the animals, the area they occupy and if they are approaching local communities. More collars means more information!

Benefits to the Communities

The revenue generated here is reverted to the maintenance of our structure and for the well fare of the local communities.



2020: June 08-12 / 15-19 / 22-26


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